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Farm to City operates local farmers markets that provide communities with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products; our markets also feature foods made from local ingredients prepared by food artisans.

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CSA: an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. Members of CSAs receive a box of farm produce every week during the growing season. Some CSAs offer shares of other farm products and locally prepared foods and extend their season through the winter.

Buying Clubs

Order fresh, local food as you need from week to week and pay as you go. Pick up your order from one of the club's convenient locations.

To our farmers' market shoppers:

The following markets will be open on Saturdays, with a limited amount of producers. 

Open on Saturdays:

Rittenhouse, 18th and Walnut Streets: Follow the link HERE for a list of producers, the hours for market, and instructions how to pre-order. We highly recommend placing pre-orders with the producers for quick pick-ups between 10am-12pm but the market is open for retail sales from 12pm-2pm. 

Chestnut Hill, Winston Road & Germantown Avenue, 10am-12pm. Open only for pre-paid pre-orders. Follow the link HERE for a list of producers and instructions how to pre-order.

Bryn Mawr, in the Municipal Lot #7, the "Bryn Mawr Station," on Lancaster Avenue between Morris Avenue and N. Bryn Mawr Ave., Open only for pre-paid pre-orders. Follow the link HERE  for a list of producers and instructions how to pre-order.

Each of those three markets have different systems for customers to order and pick-up for the market. 

When coming to market, please wear a face-covering and please practice social distancing: 

1. Send only one person per household to pick up at the market with a copy of your order. This person will move from one producer’s table to the next one with whom you placed an order. 

2. If there is another customer at the table please form a line 6 feet away from the table. 

3. Do not approach the table until the person ahead of you has left.

4. Maintain a distance of 6 feet between you and any other shopper in the line. We ask you to help enforce this important requirement by monitoring your own and other customers’ safe distance and to speak up if your space is violated

The following markets are closed until further notice: Media & University Square.

We will have updates about the seasonal markets that were scheduled to open in April & May soon.

About Farm to City

Farm to City is a Philadelphia-based business whose mission is to unite communities, families, and farmers year-round through good locally grown food. Since 2000, we have been a leader in our region's local food movement.

We envision urban areas connected to their regions through farmers and their crops; cities and towns rich with healthful, fresh, and flavorful food choices at outdoor markets, through buying clubs and CSAs and from food hubs dedicated to their region's farm production; where citizens can find locally produced food in grocery stores, school lunch programs, colleges, and health care facilities.

We strive to build regions where the sustainable family farm is economically successful and a force to preserve our vanishing countryside.

Farm to City encourages farmers, local food organizations. and food busineses to use our web-based tools to expand their marketplaces.


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