Farm to City is a Philadelphia-based business whose mission is to unite communities, families, and farmers year-round through good locally grown food. Since 2000, we have been a leader in our region's local food movement.

We envision urban areas connected to their regions through farmers and their crops; cities and towns rich with healthful, fresh, and flavorful food choices at outdoor markets, through buying clubs and CSAs and from food hubs dedicated to their region's farm production; where citizens can find locally produced food in grocery stores, school lunch programs, colleges, and health care facilities.

We strive to build regions where the sustainable family farm is economically successful and a force to preserve our vanishing countryside.

Farm to City encourages farmers, local food organizations. and food busineses to use our web-based tools to expand their marketplaces.

Meet our staff...

Bob Pierson,  Founder and Director; Contact for Web Tools

Bob is a pioneer in the Philadelphia area local food movement. In 1996 he and several friends started Philadelphia's first outdoor farmers' market - a market with real farmers. Later that year he began work with the Food Trust to plan and operate its first seven outdoor farmers' markets. In 2000 he left the Food Trust start Farm to City LLC to be an advocate for farmers. Since then Farm to City has opened many new farmers' markets, operated the Winter Harvest Buying Club  through 2017, helped many CSA farms to find members, and created a website that allows other farmers and food hubs to use its web tools to serve their own local food movements. In 2019, Farm to City's programs accounted for $5.7 million annual sales by farmers and food artisans.

Jon Glyn, Farmers' Market Program Manager

Jon Glyn has worked up and down the food chain. For many years, he was a line cook and, not too long ago, he was part of the managerial staff that opened a restaurant dedicated to local food, beer, and spirits. He was the Marketing Team Leader for the Whole Foods Market in Marlton, New Jersey, which is where Jon grew up. For a few years, he was on the Farmers’ Market Program staff for The Food Trust. As Farmers' Market Program Manager, Jon works with over eighty vendors and supervises a seasonal staff of market managers. He lives in University City in West Philadelphia.

Candace Galiffa, Farm to City Accountant

Candace Galiffa is a Certified Public Accountant with over nine years of accounting and finance experience. After graduating from University of Pittsburgh, she spent over four years at the public accounting firm, PwC, auditing large insurance companies. She then joined Independence Blue Cross as a Financial Reporting Manager in the Corporate Accounting department, and later supporting both the FP&A group and the Treasury department. Candace is passionate about assisting small businesses with their accounting needs and helping them succeed their financial goals.

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