Acorn Hill Farm

Acorn Hill Farm - A little goat farm with an organic and sustainable philosophy. Located in Walker Valley at the base of the Shawangunk Ridge, we produce a variety of fresh chevre, fromage blanc, greek style feta, fresh ricotta, yogurt, and raw milk aged cheeses using only the milk of our small herd of organically managed dairy goats. All our cheeses are handmade in small batches in our on-farm micro-creamery using only vegetarian rennet and, when used, organic herbs. In addition to our cheeses we also make goat milk fudge, small batches of low sugar jams, and handmade goat milk soaps. Seasonally we may also have chevon/cabrito (goat meat), a very lean high protein red meat. Acorn Hill Farm was born from the desire to have organic goat milk products for our family and blossomed into a business a little more than ten years ago when we sold our first products at the Pine Bush Farmers’ Market. Since then our herd has grown and our commitment to small scale locally focused agriculture has enabled us to develop cheeses with a true sense of the terroir of the Mid-Hudson/Catskill Region. 

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