Movable Beast Farm

Our farm grew out of a vision of producing healthy and delicious beef for the local community, enriching the land, and respecting the nature of the animals under our care. As much as possible, our cows live the life of a wild nomadic herd. They are all born into, and live their entire lives within, the coherent social structure of the herd. We use low stress handling techniques to move them to new grass each day as they walk about central Ulster County, leaving the land they graze enriched. They select their diet from the various grasses and other pasture plants and receive no grain. The delicious taste and healthy quality of the beef reflects the natural life and diet of the animals. 

Product List

Beef ribeye, pound, approximately 1.20 lbs

This item currently has a limited availability.
Price: $15.95/lb
Other Details: Grass fed & finished, Pasture raised

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