Sophie's Farm

At Sophie’s Farm we raise Devons  -  a heritage breed of cattle  - because they still carry the genetics to thrive on grass. These docile cows are a pleasure to work with and are humanely treated in a natural environment with as little stress as possible.  No hormones or preventative antibiotics are used.     

Why 100% grass fed and grass finished?  Only then is your beef high in Omega-3 fatty acids and low in Omega-6.  It’s also extremely low in fat.  Our ground beef is 90% lean.  This all means healthier for you!

Beware:  The term “grass fed” beef has no legal definition and is being used everywhere as a trendy catch phrase.  If the cattle were fed grain then all the above benefits are lost.

Product List

Beef ground , pound, approximately 1.00 lbs

This item currently has a limited availability.
Price: $7.99/lb
Other Details: Grass fed & finished, Pasture raised

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